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At present, development of IWT mode is in a nascent stage and plays a very insignificant role in the overall transportation scenario of the country. However, the demand for IWT is expected to grow on a faster rate than ever before. The policy makers have recognised that there is a compelling need for revival of IWT system as a supplementary mode of transport in the integrated transportation system of the country. The significance of such development during the 9th Plan Five Year Plan has been emphasised.

CIWTC has the expertise and experience to undertake IWT operations on a large scale. It is in a position to offer leadership in IWT development in the country. With adequate support from the Govt. of India, CIWTC can emerge as the principal IWT operator not only in Eastern / North-Eastern region but also other regions of the Country and can usher in an accelerated fast paced phase of development in this sector.

Back Ground

Inland Water Transport on the rivers & some coastal routes was developed by the Britishers about 180 years ago.

The Joint Steamer Companies i.e. India General Steam Navigation Co. and Rivers Steam Navigation Co. were made a P.S.U. in 1967 as CIWTC.

Present Status

The main activities are transportation of cargo in the rivers in the Eastern India & North-Eastern India and on the Indo-Bangladesh protocol routes. Operate & Maintain terminals.